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Heritage Tower, at Abandoned Heritage USA Theme Park, Fort Mill, South Carolina

Remains of Heritage USA Theme Park, Fort Mill, South Carolina

Heritage USA was a theme park create by Jim and Tammy Fae Baker. Unfortunately, we arrived too late to see the castle, water park, and many other cool features of this place. But, walking around, you can still see remnants of the former park.

With the new roads and condos in place, we approached from the rear of the hotel, which was never completed, even when the park was opened.

Next, we made our way along past the Grand Ballroom, and had a better view of the front of the towering hotel.

Once past the Ballroom, we were at the original location of the King’s Castle, which we heard was the arcade portion of Heritage USA.

Next, we headed down the sidewalk towards the water. This area was the location of the shops, train, and the water park would have been nearby. Portions of Heritage USA remain, and are being used in the restructuring of the area. Notice the walking bridge to the condos is a covered rail track.

To walk back, we made our way along on the higher sidewalk, directly in front of the buildings. Everything was currently in use, with people coming in and out conducting their business. The only indication of the original park, was a railing that appeared to fit the style and be fairly old.

And, that concluded out tour of the site. It would have been great to see this place when the buildings and water park were still intact, but it was awesome to be able to see what we did. If you’d like to see the original buildings, there are quite a few online. A quick Google search for Heritage USA will bring plenty.

Have you been here, or maybe even visited the park when it was in operation? Leave us a comment and tell us about it, we’d love to hear it!

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