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Gear And Tips

Interested in exploring abandoned areas? While we recommend against going into any place that you aren’t authorized to be in, or any place that could cause you harm, we do have some tips to make sure you’re going to be prepared for most situations.

Start with a multi-pocket backpack. All your gear goes in it, and you’re free to climb, scurry, duck, crawl, and run. The perfect backpack can sometimes be picked up for as little as $20. It’s all in personal preference and how many items you want to have on hand.

Now, what to stuff in that pack.

LED Head Lamp
It lights where you look. In the darkest corners of the inner most rooms, it helps you watch your step.

LED Flashlights
Its usually a good idea to carry several of these. Whether your head lamp dies, or you need to light up under something where your headlamp cannot reach.

Pulling things up, lowering things down, or giving yourself more stability; rope comes in handy and you should keep some at the ready.

LED Lantern
Sometimes you just need to light up the whole room!