Gear And Tips

Interested in exploring abandoned areas? While we recommend against going into any place that you aren’t authorized to be in, or any place that could cause you harm, we do have some tips to make sure you’re going to be prepared for most situations.

Start with a multi-pocket backpack. All your gear goes in it, and you’re free to climb, scurry, duck, crawl, and run. The perfect backpack can sometimes be picked up for as little as $20. It’s all in personal preference and how many items below you want to have on hand.

Now, what to stuff in that pack.

Your Urban Exploration Gear

LED Flashlight
A necessity on any adventure or trip, the trusty flashlight. Great for turning off the dark and finding your way. Might want to keep a couple of these on you.
Climbing, lowering items, raising items, keeping from falling, or just hanging around. Rope comes in handy.
You can never have too many cameras. We shoot from a Kodak EasyShare, phone cameras, a little Nikon, and any other camera’s we pick up cheap.
Extra Rechargeable Batteries
Keep them in stock and charged. You’ll use them in all your electronics and never be without power.

Urban Exploration Tips

  • Don’t eat yellow snow. No, really,we’ll get something here soon.