Old Cemetery : Dry Bridge Court, Sandston, Virginia

Another old cemetery was found in the Sandston area. Some of the graves located here are newer than what we have been looking for, but it was still a cool find.

While photographing the site, we were approached by the owner of the property across the street. It seems they have had a lot of trouble with their secluded little area and he wanted to know what we were doing. We learned from him that his property – across the street from the graveyard – was once the site of an old church (he did not know the name). There was little to no indication of where the church may have stood.

Any site can be cool, and we dig old cemeteries (No pun intended). For many years, there has been an idea of visiting all the red crosses in the Richmond area map book, and seeing what’s there. We finally did it. It was a pretty extensive process, which included: finding and documenting all of the coordinates in the old map book, looking them up in Google Maps’ satellite view, noting the location of anything that looked as though it still may exist, then organizing two multi point routes in other Google Maps, printing the directions, and driving a long, long way. We split the routes into two, one being the southern area below Richmond, the other the northern.

Cemetery Locations South of Richmond

Cemetery Locations North of Richmond

The maps are searched, the directions list is made, and this will be our next adventure. Meanwhile, keep on eye on South of Richmond – we’re adding posts as we can.

One of our first stops on our quest to locate old graveyards around Richmond was located in woods not far off Historic Rt. 1.

Upon entering the woods, it appeared there was nothing at this location. Fairly quickly, however, we noticed the wooden markers surrounding the larger than expected graveyard. The Hatcher & Friend graveyard had a large number of grave sites located in it. Unfortunately, there was also a large number of mosquitoes in that area, and many of the tombstones were damaged by fallen trees. We snapped a few photos and made our way back to the car.

The first railroad in Virginia has remnants at the Mid-Lothian mines and off of Sturbrigde road, where you can find the old stone culvert that allows Falling Creek to pass under the earthen remains. Tracing a line between these two points, allowed us to look for other possible points of adventure, including this old cemetery, located off of Courthouse Rd.