Hunger Games District 12 / Henry River Mill Village, North Carolina

The Henry River Mill Town is an abandoned ghost town near Asheville, North Carolina. It was also the site of District 12 from the Hunger Games Movie. We happened to be in the area, so you know we had to check it out.

The small parking area located us next to the general store, where a sign was posted letting us know we had found district 12, and why that was cool.

Almost all of the buildings in the main area were the same design, empty, and in various stages of disrepair.

At the very rear of the location, we found a staircase which lead to a large, locked building which boasted that it was “Monitored by CCTV”. The building contained various items that may have been part of the movie, contents of some houses, and other items. Located behind this building, was the dam used by the mill town.

Across the street, there there were additional houses, again most of them having the same design. The difference in these houses, were that they still contained large amounts of stuff from the previous owners.

We traveled further up the main street, and found a few houses which had different layouts.

This house was the furthest from the main town, sitting at the top of the hill.

We had heard of an abandoned trailer park on Route 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) in Chesterfield. We had a few extra minutes while we were in the area, and decided to see what was still there. By the looks of Google Maps, the entire site is quite large and we did not have tie to explorer the entire site. We will be going back when we have more time and shooting the rest of the property, along with the abandoned house near the front and the bridge(s) at the lakes towards the rear.

At the front of the trailer park, close to the side of the road, is a long abandoned building The front of the building simply stated “Pottery”.

One of our quick tours – we plan to go back at a later date.

The exterior of the house was fairly normal from the front. Things got really cool, though, around back. Portions of the house were just gone. The roof and interior items were missing, the earth was starting to mound up on the floor, and the trees were taking over. The fireplace in the middle of everything was just awesome.

The house’s interior was your standard abandoned house, with a little more than normal items laying around.

The stairs down to the basement were pretty inviting, but, quick tours don’t allow for every floor. Next time… Next time…

There was a single shed in the backyard, where it appears some locals stashed their bikes.

Have you been here, or plan to go? Leave a comment!

On our Map Book Graveyard adventure, we did not find the cemetery at this location, but we did find an old (probably late 1800’s) abandoned house in the woods. While we may climb through a window, open a closed door, or overlook a No Trespassing sign, we do not destroy property or remove locks. So, only exterior photos on this one.

We saw this abandoned house and, although we did not have much time, knew we had to at least check out a portion of it.

As you can see, the first floor was a mess, with various items scattered and piled everywhere. Nothing was in good shape, including the drooping ceiling fan, which we think is one of the coolest parts of the house.

You can see in the last photos the stairway to head down to the basement. I’m surprised they showed up as well as they did with as dark as it was. Unfortunately, in addition to being pressed for time, we didn’t have our gear with us and weren’t able to venture in to this part of the house.

After checking out the first floor, we made our way upstairs where we found more mess. Unfortunately, we also did not have time to venture in to the attic, but did thoroughly check out the second floor.

The Main House

The Cellar

The Attic

The Grounds

The Log Cabin

We’ve seen this driveway for a while and haven’t been back around the area to check it out. The Satellite view showed us there was a house and at least one outbuilding of some sort. It was a nice day and we were tired of waiting 🙂

The House

The easiest way to get in was from Belmont Rd. Thorns are everywhere in what used to be the front yard, so up the driveway we went.
The house itself was had 6 rooms; a main living room, back den, 3 bedrooms, and what appeared to be a kitchen and bathroom.

The Grounds

Beyond the house, trudging through some weeds and thorns, is what looked like a small shop area. Trash, car parts, and a boat still remain.

The hidden away Iron Bridge house was pretty cool the first time but, after hearing it burnt down, we thought it was time to revisit the site.


We found the site of a building, I’m assuming a house, set slightly back in the woods along the Yorktown Battlefields.

Off Iron Bridge Rd. near 288 and Beula Rd, this house sat back in an overgrown field. We had heard the house burnt down, and later went been back to check. You can see the remains post, with more photos in our Iron Bridge House Redux.