Hunger Games District 12 / Henry River Mill Village, North Carolina

The Henry River Mill Town is an abandoned ghost town near Asheville, North Carolina. It was also the site of District 12 from the Hunger Games Movie. We happened to be in the area, so you know we had to check it out.

The small parking area located us next to the general store, where a sign was posted letting us know we had found district 12, and why that was cool.

Almost all of the buildings in the main area were the same design, empty, and in various stages of disrepair.

At the very rear of the location, we found a staircase which lead to a large, locked building which boasted that it was “Monitored by CCTV”. The building contained various items that may have been part of the movie, contents of some houses, and other items. Located behind this building, was the dam used by the mill town.

Across the street, there there were additional houses, again most of them having the same design. The difference in these houses, were that they still contained large amounts of stuff from the previous owners.

We traveled further up the main street, and found a few houses which had different layouts.

This house was the furthest from the main town, sitting at the top of the hill.

Urban, Suburban, or in the middle of the country – abandoned is cool. We happened across this old service station, begging us to check it out. Could we really say no? (more…)

When traveling North on Yorklyn Rd. in Hockessin, we noticed an old, overgrown area off to our right. Down a long, fenced in drive, we could see it was time to start looking for a place to pull over.


Parked out front and on foot, we could see this area was quite large – the size of some small towns. There were many more buildings than time and the weather would permit us to view – but we did get some photos.

Unfortunately, it looks as though the entire site is going to be raised to make way for a new Hunt Club Rd. connection, which is located on the opposite end of the factory.


Hunt Club Rd. is currently accessed on the northern end, via Station Rd., and allows you to drive through the a portion of this awesome area.

As you can see, we did not have time to go inside of the buildings. What about you? Have you been there? Do you have any photos? Share them, or a link to them, in the comments!

While out for a drive one day, we noticed an old parking lot and what appeared to be a shopping center sign at the corner of Brook Rd and Azalea Ave. in the Richmond area. You know we whipped it around and pulled in to see what it was.

Standing tall, like the Ghost of Mall Past was the old mall directory sign. (more…)