Abandoned Service Station, Kings Highway/Rt. 1, Callahan, Florida

Urban, Suburban, or in the middle of the country – abandoned is cool. We happened across this old service station, begging us to check it out. Could we really say no?

The main image from this post is a view from the North. Approaching from the south, the building doesn’t appear to be too interesting, but looks can be deceiving.IMAG0702

A quick stroll around the shop shows it’s in pretty bad shape – and the owner owes a bit in the way of fines.


The large front door’s glass was broken out, and provided the easiest entry. The main front area had three doors – one to a small restroom, what appeared to be a side office, and the main shop’s entry was to the rear.

The main shop was a large, open room with additional sections of the building accessible only through it. It was cool enough, we decided to try out a 360 photo. The results aren’t bad. And, note the sign. We agree.



Making our way past the large pile of tires, there was a narrow passage with a shower. The next area – another garage bay – had a collapsed roof and was in fairly bad condition.

That was the end of the line, and time to head on to our next adventure. What do you think, like the place?

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