Abandoned Trailer Park on Route 1 in Chesterfield, Virginia

We had heard of an abandoned trailer park on Route 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) in Chesterfield. We had a few extra minutes while we were in the area, and decided to see what was still there. By the looks of Google Maps, the entire site is quite large and we did not have tie to explorer the entire site. We will be going back when we have more time and shooting the rest of the property, along with the abandoned house near the front and the bridge(s) at the lakes towards the rear.

At the front of the trailer park, close to the side of the road, is a long abandoned building The front of the building simply stated “Pottery”.

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  1. Lisa Peacock says:

    The building at the front Use to be a Feed and seed… I can not remember the exact name at the moment but I had family that lived in the park… the lake use to be Moores lake. Can not even tell you how much fun it was to go to the lake.

  2. bill morgan says:

    the old feed and seed was chesterfield feed and seed. sorry the old quaint brick cottages had been torn down when you were there, they were out front at rt. 1 the lake in the rear was fresh water with its own filtration system to keep the water a little cleaner. there was a tall sliding board out in the water that must have been a hoot when that place was operating. I never went there when it was operating but several months after it closed me and my old 35 mm canon drove back there and took a couple of shots of the old wooden pavilion building, filter system, slide etc., I really would not know how to get the photos on line but maybe one day….. the old feed and seed kept me in grass seed, lime etc., they had every thing from mole traps to live chickens just before closing their doors. I am not native to this area of va. but rt. 1 must have been something else before I-95 opened in the mid 50s. there are still some of the old motels left but they filled in or dug up all their swimming pools. now, I wonder what I did with those photos.

  3. Chesternative says:

    Used to be a THE premier water park in Virginia back from the 1930/ the light the 1960s. Had water slides, beaches, and the 3 lakes with cottages and a dance hall and snack shop then it closed 1985 and turned into a trailer park. Which was then evicted in an effort to clean up Jeff Davis highway. Some of the old cottages are still on site, and the feed store is still standing.

    • admin says:

      We saw the old feed and seed and one an old building which looked like a house. Do you know how far in the old cottages are? It would be neat to see if there are any remains. Also, do you know the name of the water park? It would be great to see if we can find some old photos online.

  4. Harriet Hobeck says:

    The name of th lake was noores lake

  5. Chuck Morton says:

    The lake was Moore’s Lake. The brick cottages were all cleared out. A lot of them were purchased and moved to other locations. They were right off Jeff Davis Highway behind the office building.

  6. Willie Gray says:

    I worked at the feed and seed store in the early 90’s. Went to Moore’s make a couple of times when I was a kid.

  7. David W. Stephens Sr. says:

    I had lived in the park from 2001 to 2007, and it was called Americana mobile home park. It was a nice and clean park but had bad management though. They closed it in 2007 due to the property being bought out by Maquire Woods out of Richmond and was supposed to be mixwd use developement however that never happened. I had purchased my home from Oakwood mobile homes and I had only 2 years left to pay on it and I would have owned it. Most folks in Chesterfield are rich and don’t like mobile homes but I had only been making $20,000 a year working 2 jobs and taking care of my family. The only thing is that greed prevails and maybe one day those that are rich will be living only on $20,000 or less and see what we had to live with. Any how I had to leave my home because I was unable to afford to relocate it and 4 years later filing for bankruptcy. I do miss it when we were there.