Old Map Book Cemetery Adventure : Cemeteries Near Richmond, Virginia

Any site can be cool, and we dig old cemeteries (No pun intended). For many years, there has been an idea of visiting all the red crosses in the Richmond area map book, and seeing what’s there. We finally did it. It was a pretty extensive process, which included: finding and documenting all of the coordinates in the old map book, looking them up in Google Maps’ satellite view, noting the location of anything that looked as though it still may exist, then organizing two multi point routes in other Google Maps, printing the directions, and driving a long, long way. We split the routes into two, one being the southern area below Richmond, the other the northern.

Cemetery Locations South of Richmond

Cemetery Locations North of Richmond

The maps are searched, the directions list is made, and this will be our next adventure. Meanwhile, keep on eye on South of Richmond – we’re adding posts as we can.

2 responses to “Old Map Book Cemetery Adventure : Cemeteries Near Richmond, Virginia”

  1. Pam Greene says:

    Your project sounds good and your photos are great. Contact me for other Henrico Cemetery sites. What date is the “map” you used to locate marked cemeteries?

    • admin says:

      Hello Pam, thanks for commenting!

      Our map was a standard ADC map book from 1985. It suffered an air freshener spill, however, so hopefully it will hold up for the other 1/2 of the trip we need to take. We always like new areas to check out and explore, please feel free to share any links or information you may have. Thanks!