Azalea Mall in Richmond, Virginia

While out for a drive one day, we noticed an old parking lot and what appeared to be a shopping center sign at the corner of Brook Rd and Azalea Ave. in the Richmond area. You know we whipped it around and pulled in to see what it was.

Standing tall, like the Ghost of Mall Past was the old mall directory sign.

Yeap, we happened upon the site of an old mall. Unfortunately, the buildings are long gone; but that doesn’t mean there arean’t still cool things to be seen! Some of the chain link fencing had been torn out, allowing us to head on in to the location.


Once again, our journey happened us near the old Azalea Mall location – this time, on a nice day! We walked the whole distance this time and fully explored the area, which is pretty freaking cool. Once again, your standard floor shots.

This time, we found where the fountain stood in the old mall main area and, amazingly, there were still remnants!

Journeying back across the Azalea Mall, we made our way to the rear parking area where an external building was once located. The remains of the old building appears to have recently been used as a mock skate park and was even repaired in places by the local skaters.

With our adventure nearing the end, we made our way back toward the main mall, through all the coolness that is the back parking lot.

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