Abandoned House in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We saw this abandoned house and, although we did not have much time, knew we had to at least check out a portion of it.

As you can see, the first floor was a mess, with various items scattered and piled everywhere. Nothing was in good shape, including the drooping ceiling fan, which we think is one of the coolest parts of the house.

You can see in the last photos the stairway to head down to the basement. I’m surprised they showed up as well as they did with as dark as it was. Unfortunately, in addition to being pressed for time, we didn’t have our gear with us and weren’t able to venture in to this part of the house.

After checking out the first floor, we made our way upstairs where we found more mess. Unfortunately, we also did not have time to venture in to the attic, but did thoroughly check out the second floor.

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