Civil War Cemetery off Courthouse Rd in Chesterfield Virginia

The first railroad in Virginia has remnants at the Mid-Lothian mines and off of Sturbrigde road, where you can find the old stone culvert that allows Falling Creek to pass under the earthen remains. Tracing a line between these two points, allowed us to look for other possible points of adventure, including this old cemetery, located off of Courthouse Rd.

“Sacred to the memory” of Jameson Moody and Mary Susan, his wife, the grave stones date back to the early half of the 1800’s. Several of the stones have additional markers, denoting service in the civil war.

The outskirts of the grave site are maintained; the only possible sign of a previously existing structure, was the old stone on the far southwestern corner.

7 responses to “Civil War Cemetery off Courthouse Rd in Chesterfield Virginia”

  1. Evelyn Hornak says:

    I live in the area and stumbled across this beautiful cemetery. Some neighbor said there was a cabin also. Is this true? My husband fixed a broken grave marker. This is quite a calming diamond in the rough. I thought I’d do some research on the family. Very nostalgic and I would like to learn more about them but don’t know where to look. Has anyone written anything about this family? Many of the children died very early.

  2. Evelyn Hornak says:

    Please notify me of any comments.

  3. Vance says:

    I live in the neighborhood next to the Moody tract, but how do I get to the cemetery? Do I need permission from someone to be on the property or is it more like a privately owned park open to the public?

    • admin says:

      We do not recall if there were “No Trespassing” signs on the gate, but we can say it does not appear to be at all open to the public, and is gated against vehicle entry.

      The main access point is at the light on Courthouse Road, across from Southlake.

      • Jo Beth Gandy says:

        Could I get a specific location on Moody cemetery?
        Thank you,
        Jo Beth Gandy

        • admin says:


          If you look at the pin in the map on this post, you should be able to zoom out, map directions, etc. Thanks!

  4. Chuck Morton says:

    There has been some information in the news about this tract of land. It was left to someone with the condition that it not be developed and left as is. These people are seeking to challenge this so they can sell it and it be developed. Hopefully that never happens.