Old Silo off Walmsley Boulevard, Richmond, VA

Almost completely hidden, swallowed by the overgrown honeysuckle and ivy, what started as a small white dot on Google maps became a fun adventure with an abandoned silo for Urban X.

Entering from the Bryant and Stratton College end, at the back of the daycare, you will quickly see the wheeled item and debris in the first few pictures, marked A.

Heading directly away from the shopping center, straight into the woods, the debris in some of the last photos is found, what looks like a collapsed shed or shack, marked B.

From this point item C (the silo) can be seen. It is extremely overgrown and well  hidden. Some of these pictures show how well this silo is hidden in plain site.

Know anything about this place or if there is more to explore? Leave a comment and tell us all about it!

One response to “Old Silo off Walmsley Boulevard, Richmond, VA”

  1. Jan says:

    I used to teach at Chalkley Elementary (1989-2001) and for most of those years I used to pass this big, BEAUTIFUL, old farmhouse; I never got tired of seeing it, and it was the highlight of the 14 mile trip. The silo was very visible from the road at that time. It looked as if someone was caring for it, although I don’t know if it was inhabited. One day, as I came around the curve (I think it must’ve been after a summer break), it was gone – cleared away…knife to the heart! I think that was somewhere between 1994-1999…maybe. Recently, I had business at Chalkley, and passed by where it used to be…I am so curious, even after all these years…I tried to calculate the address related to the surrounding homes and I think it must’ve been something like 8000 Walmsley Blvd. I adore history so I got online to research it. I would love to know the history of that beautiful home. That’s how I found your site!